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For a pdf document of our brochure and a list of our accredited centers.

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Contact Us

For more information about how the Ministry Development Council Centers and Service Centers can assist you with your need for vocational discernment or for leadership assessment and development, please contact the accredited center nearest you.

The Ministry Development Council Officers
Chairperson: Keith Kron at
Vice-Chairperson: Lenore Wilkinson at
Secretary: Holly MillerShank at
Treasurer: Ross Peterson at

Centers are located in
Austin, TX - 800.297.6192
Boston, MA
- 603.943.7611
Charlotte, NC - 704.554.9222
Chicago, IL - 708.343.6268
Columbus, OH - 614.442.8822
Kansas City, MO - 800.297.6192
Princeton, NJ -704.554.9222
Seattle, WA - 206.920.2656
St. Paul, MN - 651.636.5120
St. Petersburg, FL - 727.867.7200
Toronto, ON - 416.767.6005

For a full listing of phone, email and websites addresses view the Accredited Centers page.